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Most people begin thinking about a transition at some point in their
career, yet they have few tools and resources available to them to guide
them. We believe individuals truly benefit from a robust life plan to
fully inform effective career planning.

Our workshops are an enlightening and cost
effective way to ensure that you have the tools
and resources to begin the planning process.
Our coaches guide the discussion and offer a
practical framework and tools for the
exploration, planning and creation of a fulfilling,
personal career experience.

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A certified coach will help you understand how your unique personality and circumstances will affect your career or job transition. Considerations include:

  • Providing encouragement and insight
  • Keeping you on track as you develop a clear definition of your desired lifestyle
  • Providing guidance as you create and implement a
  • Realistic and fulfilling plan acting as a sounding board
  • Challenging you out of your comfort zone
  • Helping to identify and shift perspective to a more
  • Empowering viewpoint
  • Being a partner so you stay accountable
  • Providing education, resources or permission as needed